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YALC 2019: Issues with YALC

Hello! How is everyone today?

It feels really weird typing this after sharing posts about the fun I had, I feel it’s important to bring these things up though.  I’ve mostly kept quiet because some things involve people I know, it’s been on my mind a lot so I decided to post this, even though so much time has passed. I don’t know where the time went, it seems to fly by! Anyway, here’s some of the issues I had over the weekend, I will be sending an email to YALC organisers this week as well.

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YALC 2019: Day One


As you probably already know I attended YALC/LFCC at the end of July. This was my third year going, so I’ve seen how it’s changed over the last three years and not always for the better. Many of you either experienced last year’s nightmare or heard about it (my post can be found here) – this year was an improvement, though so much could have been done better. I’ll talk about this more in a separate post, I want to focus on the positives for now. This was meant to be a post for the whole weekend, it got so long I’ve had to split it.

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YALC 2019: YALC Tips

IMG_20180805_161411_587Hello, fellow book lovers!

I can’t believe YALC weekend is just around the corner. This will be my third year going to YALC/LFCC, I’m both excited and nervous. I thought I would share some of my tips to help you prepare and get through the weekend as smoothly as possible. I hope you find some of it helpful!


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YALC: Book Recommendations Part One


It’s that time of year again, I honestly don’t know where it’s going. I’m a little late getting this up, better late than never though, right? I thought I would put together a little YALC recommendation post, part two will follow asap. I hope you find something awesome to read!

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YALC Author Announcements and TBR


IMG_20180805_161923_486YALC authors have finally been announced, which is exciting! This means I can finally plan my YALC TBR and get excited! I know I’m the only one who found the mass announcement confusing and overwhelming. So I’ve compiled a list of all authors and panels from the original announcement to make it easier to find and decide when you want to go. Schedules are going up on the LFCC/YALC site May 3rd, you can also find ticket and accessibility info there.

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Some issues with YALC…

As you all probably know last week was YALC week, this year I bought a 3 Day ticket so I didn’t miss any authors I wanted to meet.

I’ve put off writing this for awhile as it was a very mixed experience for me. I was unsure if I should write an honest post or edit and sugar coat it, when I put it to Twitter the general response was to be honest. I just want to say that any problems I had were in no way the fault of any authors or publisher booths. Everyone was lovely and it was nice to see So many people I know. A write-up of the fun parts will follow shortly, I needed to get this off my chest.

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