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Monthly TBR: February

Hey book dragons!

Today’s post is my TBR for the month, it’s a bit late as I haven’t been organised this week. I successfully managed to stick to my TBR last month so I’ve decided to keep the same system. I think I’ve chosen some brilliant books to read this month, some have been on my TBR for awhile and definitely hoping to make a dent in my huge backlist this year.

Happy reading!

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General bookish fun, Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: January

Happy Weekend, book dragons!

I’m starting the year as I mean to go on, by reading all the books! I fail epically when it comes to planned TBRs, so I’ve decided to make it more manageable this year by choosing four books each month. I’ll then use the rest of the month to choose books based on my mood, as a mood reader I’m hoping this help combat those annoying reading slumps.

I hope you enjoy!

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General bookish fun, Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: October

Happy Monday Book Dragons!

October is here already, I know you’re probably expecting some spooky reads. Apart from possibly one of them, it’s a standard monthly TBR. I’m so behind on review books, I don’t have time to binge any of the spooky/horror books I’ve been buying. I’ll be more organised next year, promise!

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General bookish fun, Monthly TBR

Monthly TBR: September


I’m the worst at sticking to TBR’s, half my problem is that I’m a mood reader, half is trying to choose from all the amazing books waiting on my pile. I spend so much time trying to choose a book, not being in the mood for a certain book, I end up falling behind. So, from this month I’m starting a monthly TBR to hopefully help me catch up.

Happy reading!

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