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Review: Like a Charm by Elle McNicoll

Author: Elle McNicoll

Genre: MG Fantasy

Published by: Knights Of

Publication date: 03/02/22

Pages: 272

My rating: ★★★★★

I received a free review copy from EDPR & Knights Of in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Edinburgh is a city filled with magical creatures. No one can see them… until Ramya Knox.

As she is pulled into her family’s world of secrets and spells, Ramya sets out to discover the truth behind the Hidden Folk with only three words of warning from her grandfather: Beware the Sirens.

Plunged into an adventure that will change everything, Ramya is about to learn that there is more to her powers than she ever imagined.

I couldn’t contain my excitement when this dropped through my letterbox and I started reading it immediately. Like a Charm is phenomenal, I could not put it down! I’m struggling to resist the temptation to re-read it again right now.

Like a Charm is set in Edinburgh, where supernatural beings are real and follows Ramya, who is Dyspraxic. Ramya is one of the few people who can see through glamours used by those in the supernatural community that allow them to live among humans, and the only one who can help them. I don’t want to spoil anything, I’m so glad this isn’t a standalone because I need more! I loved everything about this, the characters, the relationships between them the plot and and the writing style. I know some don’t like books where the protagonist has a poor or non existent relationship with their parents. I liked that Ramya’s wasn’t always easy and how it changed through the course of the book. I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like about the book, not one tiny thing. This book is phenomenal, I can’t wait to see where the story goes in the next book.

If you loved Elle’s previous books, you’ll definitely love Like a Charm. Its become a firm favourite of mine.

Buy from: Waterstones Hive

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