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Review: The Valentine’s Love Me Not by Holly Smale

Author: Holly Smale

Genre: YA Contemporary

Published by: Harper Collins

Publication date: 13/05/21

Pages: 528

My rating:  ★★★★★

I received a free review copy from Harper Collins in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The stunning conclusion to the mega fame-busting 11-13 trilogy from the multi-million bestselling author of GEEK GIRL.

Party girl actress Mercy Valentine is nobody’s hero and that’s how she wants it. She’s sarcastic, sharp and always defensive – so no one can hurt her ever again. Mercy’s starring in a major theatre show and hitting the gossip headlines, but her glamorous world is about to come crashing down. And when Mercy crashes there will be fireworks…

LOVE ME NOT is an eye-opening, heart-warming, darkly funny exploration of what it really means to be famous, and how to heal a broken heart.

Love Me Not is the final book in The Valentine’s trilogy and it was everything I wanted and so much more! I’ve been desperate to read Mercy’s story since the first book. I always knew there more to her and was eager to know the real Mercy. I love an unlikable character, and on the surface that’s exactly what she is. But underneath there’s so much more to her that explains why she is like that, she’s a flawed and grieving teenager without the privacy and family network she needs. Mercy is a character we can all relate to, the only difference is she has to deal with everything under constant public scrutiny. I thought this was handled really well, it makes you think more about this in real life and the impact it has on the person.

There are some happy, heartwarming and downright adorable moments throughout. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing while reading the emails between Mercy and Finn, they’re hilarious! Their relationship is one of my favourite things from the book, I was rooting for them throughout. It was a privilege to read Mercy’s journey, following her as she grows, confronts her demons and removes toxic people from her life helped me realize things about myself.

Overall I absolutely adored Love Me Not! The Valentine’s is one of my favourite trilogies, and one I recommend to anyone and everyone. Honestly, just read it!

Buy from: Waterstones Hive

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