Blog Tour: Witches of Barcelona by Caedis Knight

Author: Caedis Knight

Genre: Adult Paranormal

Published by: Lone Wolf Press

Publication date: 31/03/21

Pages: 278

My rating:  ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Saskia de la Cruz is a Verity Witch and investigative reporter for The Blood Web Chronicle, the biggest news outlet on the paranormal Blood Web.

After escaping murderous Vampires in snowy Moscow, Saskia can’t imagine a more difficult or more dangerous mission. That is until her editor sends her to Barcelona to investigate a high profile disappearance at the Mage Association, which just happens to be run by her evil mother Solina.

Saskia’s plan is to spend as little time in Barcelona as possible, until she meets three junior members of the MA who know more than they let on – including information on Saskia’s missing sister, Mikayla. Among her new leads is Catalan bruixa Luisa, who has a hold over Saskia stronger than any magic.

It doesn’t take long until Saskia finds herself under the glittering spell of MA high society, where morals are few and magic is law. Can Saskia escape the clutches of a world that’s always been dangerous for her, before it turns deadly?

With vibrant characters, page-turning suspense and steamy romance, this second book in the Blood Web Chronicles series has been dubbed by early readers as ‘devilishly addictive’ and ‘a dark, magical world of power and passion.’ Co-authored by two established fantasy authors Jacqueline Silvester and N.J Simmonds, the second book in the Blood Web Chronicles series is perfect for fans of Crescent CityTrue BloodThe Elite, and The Craft. 

What can I say? Its no secret how much I love Caedis Knight, so it should come as no surprise that I absolutely adored Witches of Barcelona. The second installment follows on from where Vampires of Moscow left off and sees Saskia travel to Barcelona to uncover the story of the disappearance of Maribel.

The setting is stunning, no surprise there as the last book was the same. Its so vivid, I could picture everything as it happened. The plot and character development are incredibly well written, I can’t get enough of the new characters, especially Rafi. I love Rafi, as much as I love Lukka from the first book and I could talk about him for hours! Hours! He’s definitely a new favourite. I don’t want to spoil anything, though. Trauma is brought up several times throughout the book, I thought it was handled really well, sensitively and without invalidating the character’s experience in any way. I’m more than happy to answer any questions about this, just drop me a message!

I loved every single page of this, it was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. I honestly can’t tell you just how excited I am to read the next one, I need it so bad! I’m still holding onto the hope that Lukka’s and Saskia’s paths will cross again, a girl can hope, right?

The Blood Web Chronicles series is a must read for any paranormal and supernatural lover, I can’t recommend it enough!

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