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Blog Tour: All I Want for Christmas by Beth Garrod

Happy Monday, Book Dragons!

I’m here to kick off the blog tour for All I Want For Christmas! I love this book as much as I love Christmas and thrilled to be hosting a date! Each blogger has been given a short post from Beth about one of her favourite Christmas songs to form a festive soundtrack. First up though is my review, I hope you enjoy.

Happy reading!

Author: Beth Garrod

Genre: Christmas contemporary

Published by: Scholastic

Publication date: 01/10/20

Pages: 416

My rating:  ★★★★★

I received a free review copy from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

The brand new snowy, festive, feel-good, rom-com from bestselling Beth Garrod, perfect for fans of TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE and THE KISSING BOOTH.

US-based Elle is a social-media influencer. But sometimes online attention isn’t all it seems from the outside; with a family who are constantly on the move, and so-called friends putting pressure on her to increase her following, she decides to swap places with one of her followers for the holidays.

Holly lives in a small village in England, and LOVES christmas more than anything else. Nothing is going to get in the way of this year being the BEST Christmas ever . . . Nothing! But when her mum announces she’s selling their house, and Woody decides they should go on a “break”, her plans for the perfect Christmas start to crumble like overbaked gingerbread people.

Will swapping with Elle be Holly’s perfect opportunity to escape? And far from home, will they both find all they want for Christmas? 

Where to start? There’s something about Beth Garrod’s books that make me so ridiculously happy. All I Want For Christmas brings all the best parts of Christmas together, throw in a Christmas swap and many, many giggles and you have the perfect festive read. I stayed up til gone 4am to finish and would definitely love another one, seriously, more Fred please!

Giggles and festivities aside for a minute, trolling/ online bullying is incorporated into the story. As someone who was bullied online earlier this year and was close to deleting everything, I liked that this was highlighted. However amazing and lovely Christmas is, people still have struggles they’re dealing with. I personally found this a massive help and it definitely gave me a lot to think about.

Right, back to the christmassy side. I love Holly! Her Christmas spirit is infectious, her taste in movies excellent and like me, loves everything about the holiday and Toblerone. I just love this book so much, I’m definitely making it a Christmas tradition!

All I Want For Christmas is perfect for those who love Christmas, in need of some much needed Christmas spirit, or anyone really. Turn on those fairy lights, grab a blanket, snuggle up by the tree and hang out with Holly and Elle for awhile.

Buy from: Waterstones Hive

And now onto the first track on Beth’s soundtrack!


Woo! I would say ‘It’s that time of year again!’, but in 2020, all ideas of what’s normal – like when it’s ok to start celebrating Christmas – are off. So instead I’ll say, BRING ON THE FESTIVITIES (whenever and however).

And today is day one of the All I Want For Christmas blog tour. *Rings jingly-bells*

All I Want For Christmas is about two girls who have a very different approach to Christmas – Holly is OB. SESSED with it, and has a tradition for every single day. But influencer Elle is more bothered about making her American Christmas look good, than she is actually celebrating it. But with a major heart-break for Holly, and an opportunity of a lifetime for Elle, this year they’re both determined to do things differently and despite being other sides of the Atlantic they decide to switch lives for the holidays. But will it bring them both All They Want For Christmas, or just a whole load of surprises under the tree?

For her trip to the States Holly doesn’t just pack a suitcase of light-up turkey slippers and festive jumpers – she also takes her perfect holiday playlist. So if you’re ready to get the speakers on and crank up the Christmas, every day this week on the All I Want For Christmas blog tour we’ll be sharing some of the best tunes to get you shaking your tinsel and dancing around your tree. And here’s the very first one…

Wham! – Last Christmas

Nothing says slow festive two-step in your novelty snowman socks more than the sound of George Michael crooning about giving someone his heart only for them to return it the very next day (which, quite frankly, is not only ungrateful but also quite quick off the mark considering Boxing Day for most people is settling yourself down to re-watch Elf!, not running about returning hearts).

Still, it’s a Christmas bop, has a very spesshhh-ahhhl sing-along moment, and is EXACTLY the kind of tune heartbroken Holly would have picked to remind her that it’s the perfect time to get over her ex (if she wasn’t too busy putting ‘getting him back’ on the top of her Christmas wishlist). If only Fred didn’t always sing ‘the very next Dave’ Elle might even like it too.

2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: All I Want for Christmas by Beth Garrod”

  1. This actually sounds like something I would enjoy! And I also bloody love toblerone, one day I’m getting the really big box thats is like 4.5kilos and costs like £70 or something 😜
    I love the review and the song is just a classic 🎄 😘


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