Leafy Bean Co. Unboxing


I have a different sort of post today. I’m excited to be working with Leafy Bean Co. to promote their range of teas, and even better, I get to incorporate it into my love of books! I was sent a box of goodies last so I thought I would put together an unboxing post.

Happy reading!

All tea products in this post have been gifted by Leafy Bean Co. in exchange for exposure

First out of the box were three individually wrapped samples of their Go Green, Red Bush Baby and Berry Nice Indeed blends. I’ve never tried a fruit tea before so I’m particularly looking forward to trying that one. I’ll include more information about each tea further down.

Next up was a tote bag (I love a good tote bag!) and box of their On a Chai High tea bags. I love the sound of this one and it smells amazing.

I think this will be the next one I try so keep an eye on my socials to see what I think.

And last, but not least was a box of their Christmas tea, Tea’s the Season. I love Christmas and was particularly eager to try it. I tried this one while I took photos and it is delicious. I’ve tried a few Christmas blends over the years, Leafy Bean’s is my favourite. It’s cliche, but it tastes like Christmas! I’ll definitely be buying a box before Christmas.

Tea Info from their website:

Berry Nice Indeed: Lose yourself in our delectable forests of fruits. Using freeze-dried berries and apple pieces, rosehip, hibiscus and blue pea flowers, our berry delicious infusion will leave you rosy cheeks and tickled pink.

Red Bush Baby: Caffeine-free Rooibos infusion is a blend of magic and pixie dust, helping you relax in no time. With its sweet creamy taste, and subtle lavender floral notes, one sip and you’re away with the fairies.

Go Green: Light and herby, with a touch of sea tang, This eastern blend will have you centered in no time.

On a Chai High: A rich tea with zingy, warming undertones – this special blend of cinnamon, cardamom, peppercorns and chili will have you charged up and ready to face the day.

Tea’s the Season: This is a whole leaf seasonal blend of sweet spicey cinnamon, aromatic cloves, zesty mandarin and real fruit pieces.

Where to find Leafy Bean Co.:

Website: https://www.leafybeancompany.com

Twitter: @LeafyBeanCo

Instagram: @leafybeanco

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leafybeancompany/

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