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Review: Good Girls Die First by Kathryn Foxfield

Author: Kathryn Foxfield

Genre: Thriller/horror

Published by: Scholastic

Publication date: 02/07/20

Pages: 352

My rating:  ★★★★★

I received a free review copy from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Mind games. Murder. Mayhem. How far would you go to survive the night?

Blackmail lures sixteen-year-old Ava to the derelict carnival on Portgrave Pier. She is one of ten teenagers, all with secrets they intend to protect whatever the cost. When fog and magic swallow the pier, the group find themselves cut off from the real world and from their morals. As the teenagers turn on each other, Ava will have to face up to the secret that brought her to the pier and decide how far she’s willing to go to survive.

For fans of Karen McManus’ One of Us is Lying, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and films like I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Good Girls Die First was everything I wanted and so much more. I don’t really know how to put into words just how much I adored this book! I first heard about it at the Scholastic Showcase back in February and was sold straight away, making an immediate beeline for the proof sign-up sheet.

Can you keep a secret?

Setting this in a derelict carnival on an island is genius, the stakes are so much higher when they’re surrounded by a body of water, where people can turn on them at any moment and no one knows who is behind the blackmail. I spent the whole time on the edge of my seat questioning everything and everyone. Whispers is such a brilliant character. He’s eerie, unsettling and stops at nothing to get what he wants. I could not get enough of him, I love a villain who gets under your skin, who has you looking over your shoulder.

Good Girls Die First is dark, atmospheric and unsettling in the best possible way.  This book will claw it’s way into your head and stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. I cannot recommend it enough, you won’t regret reading it!

Buy from: Waterstones Hive

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