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Blog Tour: The Loss of Some Detail by Mandi Martin

wp-1585602452553.jpgHappy Tuesday Book Dragons!

It’s been awhile, I’m back and ready to shout about all the books! Today is my date on the blog tour for The Loss of Some Detail by Mandi Martin, I have an extract from the book to share with you all. I’ve already had a read and I have to say, I’m intrigued. Definitely going to read it myself asap.

Happy reading!

Most of the inmates in isolation were tethered for both their own and staff safety but it was still advised to use the hatch on the door and enter only if something needed adjusting.
Working his way down the barren passage nothing seemed out of order, making brief notes as he did so, the patients were mostly quiet, either restrained or sat uncomfortably in their own world. Each so different in their mood and emotions it was impossible for him to see them as anything but humans.
It was for him however an unusual evening.
James had walked these passages so often and yet everything felt as if he were seeing things for the first time, his body working as an automaton performing his duties, duties he done hundreds of times and yet sensing he had never.
‘Tis but the atmosphere,’ James thought, suppressing a shudder ‘I have been here so long it affects one at times. I have heard others tell of similar.’
He believed he had anyway, that seemed to be something else he could not remember.
‘Tiredness. The disturbance of sleep must have taken a toll also.’
He ventured down to his final room, one of the larger ones that was reserved for the more affluent patients or at least those who had people to pay for what they believed to be better keeping. It afforded some privilege in the keeping of belongings but treatment would remain the same.
Looking at the list the patient wasn’t named, it gave only a gender and a smudged and unreadable date.
It wasn’t that unusual, when left out the papers often got damaged from the carelessness of others and the elements themselves.
James rolled his mismatched eyes and tucked it behind the rest of the papers; if he was able, he could jot down the details later.
He pushed open the hatch, grimacing at the high-pitched squeal that felt as if it would pierce his eardrums. He could not see whoever was incarcerated there but the water jug was empty which meant he had to go in and fetch it.
Reaching for his belt James sorted through the keys that hung from it and pressed the correct one nosily into the lock, the clattering of iron reverberating off the stone walls.


Author Information
I’m in my thirties and I live in Ryde on the beautiful Isle of Wight although I was born in Birmingham.
There’s not really a lot to say about me really. I have Aspergers and writing became my outlet, social situations terrified me so I spent a lot of time writing poetry, drawing and losing myself in worlds of my own.
I absolutely adore animals; I prefer them to people, so my two cats clearly get away with almost anything.
I live with my brother and my mother and spending time with them is another highlight of my day. Although, I could do without the trial of socks and others pieces the former leaves in his wake.
Weather and health permitting I enjoy walking and also looking around graveyards, it possibly sounds morbid but the history and the artistry fascinate me.
I also collect lapel pin badges, I think I have over ten thousand now but I couldn’t say, I gave up counting ages ago, it was taking too long!

Twitter: MandiMartin1986

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