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Book of the Month: March

Hey Book Dragons!

Today I have my Book of the Month to share with you all, I’m sorry it’s a little late. I’ve read so many amazing books recently, making this month particularly tough to choose one. I’ve gone with a March release that I adored, I don’t think my choice will surprise anyone. I hope you enjoy.

Happy reading!

wp-1579284750754.jpgAuthor: David Owen

Genre: YA Fantasy/magical realism

Published by: Atom Books

Publication date: 05/03/20

Pages: 320

My rating: ★★★★★

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Why it’s my BOTM:

Grief Angels is just stunning, I read this back in January and i’m still struggling to put all my thoughts into words. I’m in awe of the writing, to be honest I’m pretty much in awe of every aspect of this book. It’s raw, powerful and gripping. Everyone has experienced grief which makes this not only a book everyone can relate to, but also a personal one. A full review will follow.

Pre order: Waterstones

9 thoughts on “Book of the Month: March”

  1. I adore David as a person, and I have this book currently sat on my shelves. Your post has made me want to pick it up sooner rather than later


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