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Six For Sunday: Six Bookish Habits

Hello all!

It’s Sunday, which means it’s Six For Sunday time. I haven’t been doing this long, I’m having so much fun though and so glad I started. This weekly prompt was started by alittlebutalot, go check out their awesome blog! This week’s prompt is Six Bookish Habits, I have so many it was hard narrow down to six.

Happy reading!

  1. Sleeping with books under my pillow: I know I’m not the only person who does this, I have six tucked under mine at the moment. Sometimes (always) you just need a book within reach.
  2. Reading in the bath: I love reading in the bath, there’s nothing more relaxing than chilling in the bath with a book. It usually means I’m in the bath ages though.
  3. Removing the dust jacket before reading a hardback: I can’t read hardbacks with the dust jacket on. I like to keep my books in good condition which is hard with the jacket on, they really get in the way too.
  4. I always use a bookmark (or press release): I flat out refuse to dog ear books, or use things like pens or food etc. At a stretch I’ll use a receipt or scrap price of paper.
  5. Reading for half the night: This is one of my bad habits that I can’t seem to shake, on the plus side I get to listen to the birds sing.
  6. I never leave the house without a book: I just can’t do it, you never know when you might need to sneak a chapter in. If I’m more than halfway through I’ll take two with me.

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