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Blogmas Day 15: Favourite books of 2019


I’m sorry this is so late going up, I’m a little behind and it’s been a hectic day. I thought I would make a start on my favourite books of the year as I’m starting to take a short break from reading. I will add to this post later if anything changes though, I’m sure I’ve missed a couple too.

Happy reading!

IMG_20190110_154517_050.jpgAll The Lonely People by David Owen

This one should come as no surprise, I can’t tell you how much I adore All The Lonely People. It’s an incredible book about toxic masculinity, the darker side of social media/internet and the impact it has on people. This is probably my favourite of this year, should I say that? I don’t know but it’s true, please message me to gush about it if you decide to read it!

IMG_20191207_194404_368.jpgProud Anthology compiled by Juno Dawson:

This book is everything, I can’t tell you how much I loved this anthology! I actually think it’s my favourite book I’ve read this year, there’s short stories and poetry, each with an accompanying illustration all by LGBTQ+ author and illustrators. I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve read it.

IMG_l4fuor.jpgGumiho: Wicked Fox by Kat Cho:

If you’re ever in a reading slump, pick this one up. I devoured it, this book reignited my love of reading when I was thinking about quitting my blog and taking a break for books in general. This book is stunning, I can’t recommend it enough!

IMG_20190808_120638_979.jpgSanctuary by V.V. James:

Have I told you how much I love this book? I love it so much, it’s set in a small American town and follows a witch hunt triggered by the death of a teenage boy. I was glued to the pages from start to finish, and that ending was incredible! Sanctuary is a must read!

IMG_20190531_175421_964.jpgAlex in Wonderland by Simon James Green:

Alex in Wonderland is a laugh out loud read and one of my favourite books, I nearly wet myself a couple of times while reading it, probably a little TMI there but never mind. I’m hoping we might get a short story at some point, I need to know what happened after. Alex is definitely one of my favourites reads this year.

IMG_20190531_185309_983.jpgThe Fandom Rising by Anna Day:

This was one of my most anticipated reads of this year and it did not disappoint! Set a year after the events in The Fandom and sees the protagonists return to the world of The Gallows Dance. I couldn’t put it down and I’m still sad it’s over. I need to re-read both of them asap.

20191202_153039.jpgThe Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch by Tom Fletcher:

Another predictable one, I know. I just love it so much, The Christmasaurus books are probably my favourite Christmas books ever. I have my fingers crossed for a musical edition and third book. My review will be coming soon.

20190913_122404.jpgTunnel of Bones by Victoria Schwab:

We definitely need more middle grade books like this, I adored Tunnel of Bones. This is exactly the kind of book I wish I had growing up, I would have loved a book with ghosts in! It’s full of intrigue, creepy moments and friendship. I can’t tell how incredible this book is.

What are your favourite books this year? Any I didn’t include in my list? I’d love to know!

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