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Blogmas Day 6: A Throne of Swans Blogger Event


I was so excited when the  invite to the A Throne of Swans blogger event with Katharine and Elizabeth Corr, dropped into my inbox. The event was held at the old Hot Key Books offices. I adored the book and was really looking forward to listening to them talk about it and answer questions.

IMG_79ayop.jpgWhen people arrived we were taken upstairs to where the event was, the room was decorated, a table was set up with feathers, rose petals, bottles of coconut oil, goodie bags at everyone’s chair and a bird cage in the centre where we could write and leave questions we had for them. The birdcage was a brilliant idea!

IMG_20191130_142439_786.jpgThere was another table with food and drink laid out, one side of the table was vegan and gluten free friendly. This isn’t that common at events I’ve been to, though I’m vegetarian it was still nice to see everyone had been thought of and there were things I knew I could definitely eat. The muffins were so good!

Once we had the chance to mingle and grab some food we all sat at the table to chat. We all talked books, libraries and authors before Katharine and Elizabeth started on the questions people had put in the birdcage. I’m a terrible blogger and forgot to write notes during the Q&A, I will remember next time! After the Q&A we had the chance to get bookplates signed as finished copies hadn’t arrived yet, chat and have photos. I had so much fun, huge thank you to Katharine, Elizabeth and Molly for putting on an amazing event and inviting me!


Are you excited to read A Throne of Swans? The e-book edition is available to buy now, the paperback will follow in January!

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