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Event: IT Chapter Two Experience


I have something a little different to share with you today. Thanks to a kind person on Twitter, I was given a pair of tickets to hang out at the IT: Chapter Two Experience at the Waterloo Vaults. As a massive fan of both book and movies you can imagine the level of excitement over their generosity. I immediately messaged my friend who wanted to go too and off we went to Derry, Maine.

IMG_-38mlhn.jpgWhen we arrived, we weren’t allowed in the road as the cast had arrived to visit and do some press stuff (according to the security). When we were let in the road to start queuing, we were greeted by carnival posters of Pennywise and a Derry police notice reminding us about the curfew, accompanied by sound effects. I couldn’t contain my excitement!

IMG_-sv0f0k.jpgAt 8PM we were let in, before entering the first part of the event we had to sign a waiver as the experience isn’t for the faint of heart and then ushered into the first room. The first time was set up like a carnival with games, balloons and even more posters of Pennywise. We took some photos and played some games, I won a red balloon too! The downside to this prize was that once you hit the next room, it was taken away from you without explanation and it wasn’t given back to you at the end. Yeah, it’s a balloon, but it’s the principal of it. It seems really unfair to hand out prizes and then take them away.

IMG_fvec2y.jpgAnyway, we then moved onto the next room by going through the Fun House and along a dark corridor, where Georgie walked past us before disappearing through a door. At the end of the corridor was 29 Neibolt Street, where we were greeted by two people who told us that there were some kids inside and that we should go in together. Before we went inside we had the opportunity to take photos, this was an awesome addition to the experience, the attention to detail is incredible!


I have no photos after this point as we were asked to put our phones away. It was then time to head inside, we were guided through the house to those doors every fan knows so well. I chose the ‘very scarey’ door, which led to the mirror maze. I could not contain my excitement, it’s what I was hoping would be behind it! We had a little accident, it was still awesome though! We had to work our way through the maze, towards the end hologram Pennywise appeared which was awesome!

After we escaped the maze, we found ourselves in the restaurant. We were handed headsets, which played music, sound effects and our guides commentary before being sent on a tour of the Derry storm drains. There were torches available, though they didn’t stay on for long, there was rubbish, clothes and dolls lining the walls, Georgie showed up again before complete darkness hit. Then out of nowhere, a light came on and out of the darkness, Pennywise the Dancing Clown appeared to chase us! It was epic, I wish he had chased us a little further though. We were then led out where lockers were waiting for torches and headsets to be returned, one last surprise was waiting as inside one of the lockers was Pennywise (I think), I wasn’t the one who opened it so didn’t get a proper look! It was so brilliant, I applauded their genius!

I had so much fun, I’m sad it’s not a permanent event, make it bigger and even better and I’d happily pay to go. The last day was September 4th, I kept my write-up to the side so I didn’t spoil it for those who hadn’t been yet.


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