Event: MCM Blogger Brunch

IMG_20190527_175825_422.jpgI was so excited when the invite dropped into my inbox! A group of bloggers, vloggers, influencers were invited to hang out with a host of incredible Tor and Quirk authors, including the one and only Susan Dennard and Ashley Poston. I adore the Witchlands series and jumped at the chance to go! I’ve never been to MCM before which only added to the excitement.

I arrived early to make sure I had enough time to find the meeting point, There was some confusion and I was directed to the queries desk inside the ticket hall, luckily a steward came to get me at take me to the press entrance, where I was collected by someone else and taken up to the brunch. I still managed to be the first one there as others had a similar problems, though it wasn’t long before everyone else arrived. Now onto the fun part!

IMG_vfp6hm.jpgThe room was full of tables with a goody bag on everyone’s seat full of books and swag (Jamie and MCM know how to spoil us). An empty chair was left at each table and authors rotated, spending 10-15 minutes at each table to chat and sign books. We were joined by Susan Dennard, Ashey Poston, Zen Cho, K.K. Perez, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Linda Rodriguez McRobbie. We talked about books, Narnia, Game of Thrones (which has now been spoilt for me) and I managed to get my books signed by Susan and Ashley.I


After the blogger brunch, I went to look around the con floor before joining the queue to get into the Funko booth. I managed to snap up the last Pennywise POP, we all know how much I love IT so I was really pleased with my find. I stumbled across a T-shirt stall and picked up a Pennywise shirt, there was definitely a theme to my afternoon.

20190528_210324.jpgI decided it was time for even more fun involving my favourite creepy clown and went in search of the IT photo op, they took your photo in front of a backdrop while surrounded by red balloons and made an eight second video too. You put your email in so they can send them to you and even gave you a physical copy to take away. There was no charge for this, I think it’s great they included some free activities and photo ops for those on a low budget.

Opposite the IT photo up was Annabelle in the artifacts room, this was another free photo op where you had your photo taken with Annabelle. I’m all for creepy dolls so jumped at the chance to do this one too.


I had another little wander around before leaving to meet a friend for a movie night. I had so much fun and will definitely be going back to MCM, hopefully next year, thank you so much to MCM and Jamie for the invite and hosting a brilliant event!

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