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Blog tour: Rayne and Delilah’s Midnite Matinee by Jeff Zentner


Today is my stop on the blog tour for Rayne and Delilah. As horror movies play a part in the book I thought I’d talk about something different and share some of my favourites, I don’t get to talk about them often so I’m definitely using this as an excuse! I also have a movie review from Jeff, who has written a bunch for movies he found terrible, one for each date. I hope you enjoy it!



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I received a free review copy of the book from Andersen Press in exchange for this post and an honest review.

Favourite Horror Movies.

u-g-F4PXP00Nightmare on Elm Street:

By far one of my absolute favourites and one of the first horror movies I watched. I love the concept, the fact that Freddy actually has a backstory and isn’t a mindless villain (Okay, this was in the reboot but still. It doesn’t matter how far CGI and FX have come, or even the fact that some blood was green (I wish I knew why), this will always be a classic and the best of the Elm Street franchise.


woman_in_black_ver10_xlgThe Woman in Black:

I’d never heard of the book before the film, despite my love of horror. What sold me was that part in the trailer where Daniel Radcliffe looks out the window and you can see Jennet Humfrye standing behind him. It has everything you could possibly want from a ghost story, not only that, there’s a whole heartbreaking backstory for the ghost that plays a vital role in the plot.


It_(2017)_posterIT Part One:

My list wouldn’t be complete without IT. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love Pennywise, he’s such a fascinating and brilliant character! What could possibly be better than a shapeshifter lurking in the town’s stormdrains, using your fears against you? I can’t tell you how excited I am for Part Two, coming later this year!


This was meant to be a movie list, these two are two good or to include.

hemlock_grove_ver11Hemlock Grove:

Vampires and Werewolves, some of my absolute favourites in horror and this show is everything, with the added bonus of Bill Skargard. I don’t want to give anything away, the plot, characters and acting are brilliant! It’s on Netflix and I highly recommend watching it asap! I can’t get enough of it, definitely need to rewatch it soon!


haunting_of_hill_houseThe Haunting of Hill House:

Its not only brilliant, it’s also trippy and makes you question everything you thought you knew, people you thought were alive, we’re actually ghosts. I devoured this series and then mourned the ending. Just when I thought haunted houses had become dull and stale this absolute masterpiece comes along and proves me wrong. Just writing this makes me want to start watching it again.


Next up I have a review of Legends of the Fall from Jeff!

Legends of the Fall Review

Legends of the Fall was adapted from one of my favorite novellas by Jim Harrison. It is a very good novella. Seventy or so pages of spare, brutal, beautiful prose with not a single line of dialogue. It produced a very bad film.

Legends of the Fall is bad for many reasons. Among which is that it is one of the most hilariously miscast movies in cinema history. It posits a world in which Aidan Quinn and Henry Thomas are the brothers of…Brad Pitt. Whose father is…Anthony Hopkins. Let’s not even talk about Anthony Hopkins’ borderline offensive portrayal of a stroke sufferer. Sorry, I know he’s one of your knights. He’ll protect the realm by overacting any invaders to death.

Brad Pitt plays Tristan Ludlow in full romance novel cover-model mode. Which I guess is why every woman in the movie can’t resist him even though he probably smells like an inside-out pair of leather pants someone wore to hot yoga. I’m pretty sure the scene of him in the hot spring is his only bath in his life.

The cinematography in this movie is absolutely stunning. It was filmed where my grandpa, who was basically Tristan Ludlow, was born. The Canadian Rockies are the only thing prettier than Brad Pitt.

Or rather, the cinematography is gorgeous until the final scene in which a bear treats old man Tristan Ludlow like a dog with a sock. (Spoiler alert). That scene looks like absolute garbage. It looks like an outtake from Walker, Texas Ranger but with maybe even slightly lower production values. It looks like they just forgot to film an ending and were like “oops” and went to a local public access station to film one.

In conclusion, Legends of the Fall is a very terrible movie that I’ve happily seen five times.


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