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Event: An Evening with Cassie Clare and Holly Black/ Golden Ticket Event


I thought I’d share a brief write-up of the two Cassie and Holly events I went to last week! I adore both Cassie’s and Holly’s books, so I think we all know how excited I was when the tour was announced! My awesome sister kindly bought me a ticket as an early birthday present just before it sold out! Not that long after, I was one of the lucky recipients of a golden ticket for a VIP event with Cassie and Holly, which was held in the Waterstones Piccadilly store.

IMG_20190222_123551_615.jpgFirst up was the London tour stop, held in St. James’s Church in Piccadilly. This was slightly different to previous events. Cassie and Holly briefly talked about their books, then opened up the floor for questions much earlier than usual. Questions ranged from “Why does Cardan have a tail?” (the answer being “I love a tail”) to those asking for writing and plot advice. I can’t remember which event it was Holly did talk more about Cardan’s tail, saying she had been trying to put a tail onto a character for ages and it hadn’t worked until now. I think this might have been at the VIP event.

IMG_nc10ea.jpgAfter the talk/Q&A there was a book signing and photo ops while waiting, sadly I missed out on The Wicked King one but managed to get one for The Red Scrolls of Magic though. Both Cassie and Holly were lovely (as usual), there was a three book limit for Cassie so I took my copies of Queen of Air and Darkness, City of Bones Anniversary edition and Clockwork Angel. Holly was happy to sign any amount so I took a couple along for friends and got my copy of The Wicked King signed.



Those who bought book tickets were given tour tote bags with goodies in, I got The Wicked King one that also included a gorgeous Jude and Cardan print. I love It so much, Holly kindly signed it for me and I’m going to frame it. The poster and tote are both double sided with QOAAD on one side and TWK on the other side. The other side will be shown in a photo further down.



IMG_-4vbqa6.jpgNow onto the second event!

This one followed the same format, minus the photo ops. Cassie and Holly talked more about their books this time, touching on The Red Scrolls of Magic and Chain of Gold. Cardan’s tail came up again, it’s a big hit with readers! Speaking of Cardan, Holly confirmed a movie adaptation of The Cruel Prince is happening, Universal won the auction for the movie rights, with Michael Dr Luca productions producing. Nothing else was given away, I don’t know about you but I’m beyond excited to see this story on the big screen!




The floor was opened up for questions, as usual. Some where the same as the night before, there were some great questions about Church, the Herondale kids and even more writing IMG_20190222_104252_838.jpgadvice. I could listen to them both talk for hours! After the talk/Q&A, tables were set up at the front for Cassie and Holly to sign books. The book limit was the same, this time I took City of Ashes, City of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Princess, at this event we were allowed to have a posed photo with Cassie! I was so happy as this isn’t allowed at tour stops, and is something I’ve been hoping for since becoming a fan of Cassie’s books! I still can’t believe it! On our way out we were given a goodie bag with a sampler of Red Scrolls, pin badge, rune tattoo and double sided poster.



I had so much fun at these events, thank you to everyone at Waterstones Piccadilly, Hot Key Books and Simon and Schuster for  putting on amazing events!

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