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Unboxing: Book Hooked Box

Before I get started, this post will contain spoilers, if you haven’t got your box yet stop reading now. I was really excited to get a pre order of Book Hooked Box from my mum for Christmas, it’s been created by Sarah at Book Hooked Nook . It arrived on January 18th, I had to restrain myself from reading into it straight away and make sure I got some photos.

The box is beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper, at the top was a spoiler card with a note attached about a change of supplier (chocolate box) – I love the fairytale art by R.N. Merle on the back of it too and will definitely display it in my room.

IMG_20190118_195223_574.jpgFirst out the box was the Alice in Wonderland bookmark and Disney Princess print, these were originally pre order gifts before being included in all January boxes. I love these, not only as a fan of both but the design too. I have to say I like that the print is black and white, most are colour so it stands out more and makes a nice change. I’ll definitely be using/displaying these!

IMG_20190118_195330_526.jpgNext up is the handmade chocolate box made by Whitakers, hot chocolate drink from Pendragon and Ash and Quills candle. My biggest downfall is chocolate, I love it so this box is already winning! The chocolates were eaten within minutes of the photos being taken. I don’t get many bookish candles so it’s always a great when the come my way, it’s themed to the Book included in the box and is grapefruit and blood orange scented.

IMG_20190118_195530_171.jpgNow onto January’s book, all I knew was that it was a fairytale retelling published in January. It didn’t disappoint, I’ve been seeing it around a lot recently and put it on my list to check out. Stain by A.G. Howard is A Princess and the Pea retelling, I haven’t read one before so I was really excited when I unwrapped it. It also comes with a letter from the author (I love getting these!) and signed bookplate. I can’t wait to read it, keep an eye out for my review!

I honestly can’t recommend this box enough, so much love went into it and it shows, I’m so proud of Sarah! You can subscribe here. You can also buy the Alice in Wonderland bookmark and Disney print from the January box here. These are limited so I would get in there quick!


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