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Unboxing: Fairy Loot December Box

I was really excited when I opened it on Christmas Day, this is the first box I’ve ever got and it didn’t disappoint (aside from the missing item that will come later). I’ll definitely buy again in the future. This post will be full of spoilers, though the date we can post spoilers has passed. It’s just a heads up for those who haven’t opened theirs yet.

The contents:


  • Fire and Heist by Sarah Beth Durst – I hadn’t heard of this before opening my box, I’m definitely intrigued by the concept and love a good Dragon book!
  • Storm Crow by Kalyn Josephson ARC – I was so happy to find this inside, I keep hearing about it and was going to try and request a review copy. I’m really looking forward to starting it!
  • Spoiler card/ bookmark – This is heart the top of the box and tells you what’s in the box. The bookmark has the Fairy Loot logo on one side and the spoiler card art on the other.
  • Pin flag – This is such a cool idea! I have so many pins I don’t use in case they get lost so a flag I can use to display them is perfect! The pins aren’t included, I just couldn’t wait to start adding them!
  • Dragon pendant – I love this Dragon pendant, the wings are also glow in the dark and comes in a Fairy Loot jewelry box.


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  • Double sided art print – I adore this print! One side features Manon and Abraxos from Throne of Glass and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.
  • January – June reading journal – I love this and think It’s a brilliant idea! I’ll definitely be using it this year! I believe these have been in boxes before, don’t hold me to this.
  • Fire and Heist art/letter from the author – I think this is a regular thing, don’t hold me to it as this is my first box. I love this, I occasionally get them with review copies and they’re one of my favourite things!
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses tarot cards – These are gorgeous! I believe they feature Cassian and Amren, (it’s hard to tell with fan art as everyone imagines them differently). I love this series and so glad I have these in my collection.
  • Harry Potter booksleeve – I’ve always wanted a booksleeve, don’t ask me why I never got one. I was really happy when I pulled this out and I can’t wait to put it to good use. It’s from one of my favourite Potter scenes which is an added bonus.


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I love everything in this box and will definitely buy more in future! For those wondering, the missing item is the Mother of Dragons bookmarks. I’ll add this to the post when they arrive.





3 thoughts on “Unboxing: Fairy Loot December Box”

  1. Ahhhh this box is so good, tarot cards yes! I’ve always wanted a book sleeve too and even purchased materials to make my own but have never got round to it…


  2. I had a crazy December and only unboxed mine yesterday. It is a really awesome box! I love everything in it too. The book sleeve has to be my favourite though. Super excited about the February box!


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