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Blogmas Day 19: Favourite Books of 2018 Part Two


I recently posted the first part to this post. There have been so many amazing books this year so there was no way I could include them all in one post, so here is part two of my favourite books I read this year for Blogmas. I hope you enjoy.

Happy reading!

IMG_20180907_235359Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J Maas:

By now everyone knows how much I love Sarah J Maas and her books, so this one being here should come as no surprise. This is the first DC Icons book I read all the way through, I devoured it and secretly read it again straight away because I couldn’t help myself. I highly recommend this one, even if you’re not a fan of her other work or graphic novels. It’s brilliant!


IMG_20180922_154624_841Dissent: Renegades by R.J. Furness:

I love, love, love the Orgo and every book I’ve read with them. This is the first of the YA books and it is everything! I can’t even talk about this without rambling on for ages, definitely read them when you get the chance! You can even buy your very own Orgo too!


IMG_20181015_140625_789.jpgA Storm of Ice and Stars by Lisa Lueddecke:

This was one of my most anticipated reads of this year and it didn’t disappoint. It’s a prequel to The stunning A Shiver of Snow and Sky and is just as gorgeous, covering the events that lead up to Snow and Sky. I loved finding hints throughout and meeting familiar names. I can’t get enough of them!


IMG_20180613_003357_478.jpgThe Extinction Trials: Exile by S.M. Wilson:

Sequel to the equally brilliant The Extinction Trials, Exile follows pretty much from where the first left off. Set in a dystopian world where the dinosaurs haven’t died off, resources and space are low, the government wants to kill off the dinosaurs to create a habitable environment for people to live. I ‘m not going to say anything about the second so I don’t spoil anything. YA was in dire need of some epic dinosaurs and I’m so here for it!


IMG_20180821_161843_121Jinxed by Amy McCullough:

This was the first review book I was offered by Simon and Schuster and I jumped at the chance. I was instantly won over by the concepts intrigued by the Baku. I wasn’t disappointed, I devoured it and immediately offered my soul in exchange for an early copy of the next book. That cliffhanger had me on the edge of my seat and I’m desperate to find out what happens next!


I still have more favourites so it’s possible there will be a part three, I haven’t decided if I should of work on something else. I have been posting a favourite book each day on Instagram, if you fancy checking them out.


3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 19: Favourite Books of 2018 Part Two”

  1. Ah, now I’ve read a couple on this list! I loved The Extinction Trials too; definitely agree YA needs more dinosaurs. I mean, maybe life in general just needs more dinosaurs (though to clarify, I do mean of the fictional kind, I’m not wishing we could actually recreate dinosaurs and all get eaten). Amazing photo to go with it. I really enjoyed Catwoman too, I think Ivy was my favourite character surprisingly. I haven’t read any of the rest on the list but I’m intrigued by the Lisa Lueddecke ones for sure.


  2. I would read Shiver first, not just because that’s how Lisa intended it. I think the unknown and mysteriousness of story and characters would be lost if you read the prequel first. I really hope you enjoy them, I love them so much! x


  3. Does it matter which order you read A Storm of Ice and Stars and A Shiver of Snow and Sky? I’ve seen you rave about them a lot so I am definitely interested!


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