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Blogmas Day 14: Bookish New Year Resolutions


It’s day 14 already, is it just me or is the month flying by? Today I’m sharing my bookish new year resolutions, if I post them publicly I have to stick to them, right? We all make them, and rarely stick to all of them. I decided to make some bookish ones and try to stick to them and make blogging easier, smoother and more fun. Because it should be fun!

Happy reading!

1. To stop putting so much pressure on myself: 

This is something I’m really bad for. I’m always worrying about getting reviews up on time, prioritising review copies while the never ending pile of bought books remain unread and my worst one, not being able to say no. Next year I’m going to try and cut out the pressure I’m putting on myself, make time for the books I’ve bought and desperate to read and not worry about saying no to things.

2. Try and be more organised:

I’m a nightmare, after nearly two years of blogging and I still find myself winging it most of the time. It’s nearly 2AM and I’m sat up writing this because I just realized I don’t have a post for today. So next year I’m going to try my best to think ahead and make a schedule without adding all the unnecessary pressure I put on myself.

3. DNF the books I really don’t like:

I know this one might seem odd, until I started blogging I wouldn’t DNF one even if my life depended on it. Although I’ve started to do this, I still find myself forcing myself to finish a book I’m not enjoying and who has the time for that? I’d much rather use that time reading the ones I love.

4. Stop worrying about what other people think:

This one might not look like a bookish one, I know I’m not the only one who feels like they have to meet a high standard in the book community, constantly worrying about what people think of even say about you when they don’t think you can hear or find out. This is something that has slowly eaten away at me over the last couple of months and I’m tired of it, tired of the crippling anxiety I feel at every event and having to hide it. I’m not defined by what they think of say, there is room for me in the community. I’ll get more out of it if I disregard what people think rather than let it consume me. I think this will be the most challenging one but I’ll do my best to stick to it.


Have you made any new year resolutions? I’d love to hear about them, let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 14: Bookish New Year Resolutions”

  1. Love your goal of not putting pressure on yourself! I’ve felt that pressure before and I decided to take some time and step back. It’s such a relief when you don’t feel that weight on your shoulders of “I need to finish this, I need to write that”. Good luck!


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