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Blogmas Day 9: Waterstones Christmas Customer Evening

For day nine of Blogmas I’m sharing a quick write-up of my last event of the year, and what an epic one it was too! I went along to the annual Christmas customer evening in Waterstones Piccadilly, it’s one of my favourite events of the year and this one was by far my favourite.

IMG_acmg0b.jpgThis time I took Jazzy along for the fun, she loves going there and all the fuss she gets from everyone. Our first stop was Stephen Fry’s signing so I could get my copy of Heroes signed. We had a fairly long wait and I was surprised by how happy Jazzy was to wait, I think all the attention she was getting helped. She definitely got in the spirit when Stephen walked in, and when everyone started clapping joined in by barking. Stephen loved her too, and was so lovely and friendly.

20181209_012944.jpgAfterwards, we took a break and went for a walk before heading back in to get books signed by the brilliant Neal Shusterman. I loved Scythe and had to get copies of Thunderhead and Dry signed, I can’t wait to read them both! We then moved over to see Katie and Kevin Tsang, Holly Bourne and also bumped into Lucy Saxon who were all nearby, I took this opportunity to get copies of Lemmings and Floored signed as I missed her at YALC.

Our next stop was Alex T. Smith after another break outside. Jazzy came along to a previous event with him and loved him, I’ve never seen her take to a stranger so quickly. It’s always lovely to see Alex, who kindly signed a book plate for us and have is a Christmas decoration. We then had to leave after a quick mulled wine as Jazzy had had enough and I was tired too. It was so much fun and we can’t wait for next years!

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