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Blogmas Day 4: Event – Books And Baubles Blogger Event

IMG_20181204_005111_538.jpgDay four of Blogmas is here! Is it just me or is the month speeding by? Today I have a write-up from a recent Christmassy blogger event. I have to say, yet again, the lovely people at Orion spoilt us.

I was extremely excited to be invited to Orion’s Books and Baubles event, hosted in the Covent Garden Hotel’s Fortune Room. I arrived at 4PM for the start of the event, checked myself off their guest list before heading downstairs to the event.

Upon entering the room I was greeted with a glass of champagne (a great start!) before being shown the range of 2019 books being showcased and introduced to Fanny Blake and Candice Carty-Williams by Rebecca at Orion, both are so lovely! I was so pleased when I spotted proofs of Queenie on the table and snapped one up quickly, I chose a snazzy blue copy along with some other books that piqued my interest and spent some time chatting to fellow bloggers and bookish people.

IMG_20181204_005041_020.jpgI haven’t even mentioned the food yet. I knew it would be good based on a previous event I attended there, it was even better this time. There were different varieties of cake, tarts and scones. I could have easily eaten it all! Before we left we were given goodie bags to carry out books in with a few goodies inside, including a chocolate lollipop, a cute bauble with star confetti inside and a link automatically approving us for e-books of all the books they showcased at the event.


I had so much fun, thank you so much to the lovely people at Orion for the invite, I can’t wait to read all the awesome books!

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