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Blog Tour: Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake


Today is my stop on the blog tour celebrating the publication of Two Dark Reigns by Kendare Blake. As you probably already know, I’m a poisoner in the 3DCCourt, so I have an awesome poisoner extract to share with you all, along with a note from Kendare herself about why she loves them. I adore these books and the Poisoned court and I’m beyond excited to finally have this one in my hands. I hope you enjoy and happy reading!



The north ballroom is filled to the brim with poisoners. It seems that anyone with any claim to Arron blood, and many other poisoners from Prynn besides, has made the journey to Indrid Down. Katharine studies the party from the top of the main stairs. Everything is crystal and silver and gems, right down to glistening towers of purple belladonna berries wrapped in nets of spun sugar.
The guests are almost too refined; the women in black pearls and black diamond chokers, the men in their black silk ties. And they have too much flesh on their bones. Too much strength in their arms. They will judge her and find her lacking. They will laugh.
As she watches, a woman with dark red hair throws her head back. For a moment her molars—as well her throat, as if her jaw has come unhinged—are visible. In Katharine’s ears polite chatter turns to wails, and the ballroom is filled with glittering monsters.

Why I like it: The poisoners are always a blast to write, but I think that this passage in particular shows who they are, and sets up Kat’s predicament. The poisoners, and especially the Arrons, are goth to the max, all style and excess.


I hope you enjoyed this extract. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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