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A Throne of Glass/Sarah J Maas post


This is actually quite a personal post, it was in part brought on by the publication of Kingdom of Ash. Please bear with me as this probably just going to be a huge mess. I’m not sure why I’m writing, or even posting it.


As many of you know, I am a huge fan of Sarah J Maas. I first picked up a copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses back when it first came out, after a month of hearing about it and needing to find out what it was all about. This lead to me going straight back to Waterstones and buying every Throne of Glass book currently out and devouring them all within two weeks. This series came into my life right when I needed it most, my dad had been ill for while and not long after was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Reading had always been an escape for me. I needed books more than ever during this time and found my sanctuary in the world of Erilea with all of those amazing characters and badass protagonist.

Queen of Shadows arrived in the post the day before his funeral, again it came right when I needed it most. It was a huge comfort at night when I couldn’t sleep, I’d sit up late and read it with Harry. I reread them religiously during that time, I know many would say it was unhealthy to completely lose myself in them instead of facing the reality of it. Maybe they’re right, I don’t know.

What I do know is this series gave me the space to process a lot of things, an escape from it when all I needed was to shut everything out. Celeana’s strength and ability to persevere though everything thrown at her, the weight she carries, was one of the many things that helped me during that time. It’s so hard to put everything into words. The world and characters Sarah has created mean the world to me for so many reasons and become my favourite series ever, I’m not quite ready to let go. I know no one is, and it’s ending is inevitable. I also know there’s more books coming to look forward to. Knowing that’s the last book with those characters and world that helped me though that, and continues to help me has brought so many feelings back to the surface. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited about it! I know the series will go out with a bang, and won’t disappoint. I just don’t feel ready to let go, what happens next? I know this is probably really weird. I hope I get the chance to say this to Sarah one day, fingers crossed it happens and I’m one of the lucky 50 next month. I know it most likely won’t happen though. I hope this makes sense, it probably doesn’t. And that’s okay.

11 thoughts on “A Throne of Glass/Sarah J Maas post”

  1. This is such a lovely post Nicola. While not a fan of the series myself, I am so glad they were there for you when you needed them the most. And while the series is ending, at least you can always return to the world by re-reading them time and time again. ❤


  2. this was such a personal post and it was great to read – im sat here trying to blink by tears. i hope the finale book is exactly whatr you need and youre still able to enjoy and cherish this series! (i still have ToD to read so i havent even bought the new one yet)


  3. I had recently marathoned these books in prep for the KoA release. I know right how book brings us such comfort and joy. I hope you get to meet her she’s really sweet. (Though she broke my Chaol Westfall heart with the last book.) Best of luck to you!


  4. Leaving a good book series is so hard! I face that every time I finish Six of Crows. I’m so glad you found something that brought you comfort and strength during that hard time. As to what you’ll do when the series ends, in the words of Flynn Rider, “That’s the good part I guess. You get to go find a new [book series].”


  5. Books are wonderful things, aren’t they. People that aren’t readers don’t understand how much they can mean to us in times of need, just like how you talk about it affecting you in such a difficult time in your life. I’m glad you found them.


  6. Glad that these books were what you needed at such trying times. However bittersweet the ending of this series feels like, I hope both of us enjoy it a lot 😊😊


  7. But, isn’t the wonder of books, that they transport us to another reality, and like good friends help us over the rough times. I hope you’re one of the fifty, as vague as you want that to be.


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