Review: A Storm of Ice and Stars by Lisa Lueddecke

IMG_20181015_140625_789.jpgAuthor: Lisa Lueddecke

Genre: YA Fantasy

published by: Scholastic

publication date: 04/10/18

My rating: ★★★★★★ (It deserves the extra star)


Synopsis from Goodreads:

Ice, myth, magic and danger in this bone-chilling, page-turning, beautifully written fantasy novel set in the same world as A SHIVER OF SNOW AND SKY. Blood-red lights have appeared in the sky over the frozen island of Skane, causing a cloak of fear and suspicion to fall over the village like a blanket of snow. In a desperate attempt to keep out the plague, the village elders barricade its borders – no-one, no matter how in need of help, will be permitted to enter in case they bring infection with them. Teenager Janna refuses to turn her back on people seeking refuge and is banished to the swirling snow and lurking darkness beyond the village. Can she survive?

A Storm of Ice and Stars is the stunning prequel to A Shiver of Snow and Sky. Seriously, I started it within minutes of it arriving, a rare occurrence, it was everything I wanted and so much more. Being able to return to the beautiful, snowy world of Skane was an absolute privilege. I couldn’t help the high expectations I had with this, especially considering how much I adored Snow and Sky, I can safely say it surpassed them by miles. This probably why you’ve got a gushy and messy review, I love this book so much though.

Set in the village of SjØrskall and follows Janna, mourning the loss of SØlvi, the boy she loved. During this time she regularly escapes the confines of her village to a cave in the forest on its borders to write her story on its walls. When the red lights appear in the sky her village descends into chaos and superstition, shutting themselves off from the outside in the hope of surviving the inevitable plague. Janna, against this decision, set off to to the North with Enja to find answers and save lives.

I couldn’t get enough of Ice and Stars, and continue to be in awe of the world Lisa has created. The world building and characters are so vivid and well written, it’s like you’ve fallen head first through the pages. The grief Janna is feeling at the star is so palpable, I had to put the book down, I couldn’t stop crying. I loved it so much, I could go on for ages. Don’t take my word for it, you should read it and see for yourself. Same is a world you can truly lose yourself in. Janna’s story is wrapped up perfectly, setting the scene for events that took place during Snow and sky. Its beautiful, heartbreaking and magical in equal measure. Storytelling at its best, just read it! I want to re-read Snow and Sky now.

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7 thoughts on “Review: A Storm of Ice and Stars by Lisa Lueddecke”

  1. Oh, god! Your review sold me and that extra star is cherry on top, did you say a vivid world building and characters? UMM YESSS.


  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed this sequel! I’m a big fan of the cover! Definitely a series to add to my TBR


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