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Event: Hot Key Books Blogger Brunch

I was invited to Hot Key Books Blogger Brunch, held at their HQ on September 29th. I adore both the Spellinger series and To Kill A Kingdom so this was an event not to be missed and replied immediately.

IMG_20180929_173206_806I met Ash at the coach station before heading off to Bonnier Zaffre on Wimpole Street where we met up with Ana. When we arrived we were directed to the room where a table was set up with donuts, pastries and other snacks and drinks. Another table had copies of Soulbinder and To Kill A Kingdom for us to get signed and take away with us. Before the main portion of the event started there was time to catch up with bookish friends and make new ones.

IMG_20180929_203233Just after 11 Sebastien and Alexandra joined us to chat for a bit before we sat down to listen to them read from their books. Sebastien read a short chapter about Kellen and Reichis, voices and all that had everyone laughing throughout. Alexandra followed with readings from both To Kill A Kingdom and her next book Into The Crooked Place, which sounds awesome! After the readings they talked a little about their books, Sebastien revealed a little bit to his adult series, which was interesting. I’m definitely going to pick them up soon. After the brief talk they both answered questions from bloggers before signing books for everyone.


I had so much and it was lovely to see both Sebastien and Alexandra again. I’m beyond excited to start reading Soulbinder asap! Thank you so much to everyone at Hot Key, Sebastien and Alexandra for a brilliant event!

10 thoughts on “Event: Hot Key Books Blogger Brunch”

  1. It looked amazing! I was invited to this but train fares from the North-East are super expensive at the moment so I couldn’t make it. 😭


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