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Book Tag: Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

Today I have another awesome book tag to share. I was tagged by the lovely Ash to do the Seven Deadly Sins tag. Please check out her blog, Ash is one of my favourite bloggers and I love her content.


IMG_20180924_181717_644What is The Most Expensive Book You Own?

I think it’s the Waterstones limited, signed and numbered edition of La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman, which was £35. I adore his books but never had the chance to meet him and get a book signed myself so far, and it’s a gorgeous slipcase edition too. I rarely buy expensive editions, I have the equivalent for Inheritance by Christopher Paolini but I got it half price in a sale.



WP_20170505_002What Book(s) Have You Shamelessly Devoured Many Times?

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas, I can’t get enough of them and lost count of how many times I’ve read them, I never get bored of and I always go back to them during reading slumps. There’s also the added bonus of Lucien, so it’s worth going back to for him.



What Book/Series Have You Neglected Over Sheer Laziness?

It’s not strictly laziness, I have to prioritize review book for blog tours etc, the series that springs to mind is Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. I’m hoping to read them over Christmas.



What Books(s) Do You Bring Up When You Want To Sound Like An Intelligent Reader?

I don’t do this, reading should be about enjoyment and not looking intelligent.



What Attributes Do You Find Most Attractive In Characters?

A character who is flawed, loveable and labelled as a villain. The villains have more fun!



B0FF7ED0-824B-431E-A430-3265064BD296What Books Would You Most Like To Receive As a Gift?

Ooooh, this is a hard one. I’d have to go with the walmart, Target and B&N exclusive Maas books. Shipping was too expensive for me to buy them all myself, I’m desperate to see all the bonus content inside them. I also love having different editions of books I love and Sarah’s are some of my absolute favourites.



What Author(s) Do You Have a Love/Hate Relationship With?

I’d prefer not to say as it’s less about their books and more about how they are towards me when our paths cross.

I tag:

As usual, this is an open tag for those who want to do it.

14 thoughts on “Book Tag: Seven Deadly Sins”

  1. Nice answers! I think the books I would want to be gifted are the luxury Australian editions of The Hunger Games! They are just so beautiful. The Book of Dust is such a pretty edition!


  2. I have to add my envy of The Book of Dust to all the other comments about it! It’s beautiful! Totally worth the money.

    I love this tag too! It’s so cool. I agree that reading should be about pleasure too. There’s no point reading something you don’t enjoy just so that you can boast about it.


  3. Very jealous of your The Book of Dust special edition! I was too poor to grab one at the time and it is so beautiful. Haha, I don’t blame you for having a paperback version to actually read. I do that with ebooks for super pretty hardbacks or special editions. ACOTAR is definitely great for a reading slump. Really cool book tag 🙂


  4. i have the same copy of book of dust and im kinda disgusted to say that i actually own a book thats even more expensive rip. im the worst :’) i love this editionof the book of dust tho!!

    And yes reading is definitely about enjoyement!!! 😀


  5. Well this is a fun tag, might have to give it a go! I love that Book of Dust edition, but I have to admit I feel like I never really clicked with His Dark Materials. I think I was a bit too young when I read them to really keep up with everything and I’ve yet to go back and re-read them. One day though! That cover is definitely worth the price though, I bet it looks awesome on your shelf.

    Also I love your answer to the Pride question!


  6. Love this blog post! Your edition of The Book of Dust is gorgeous, definitely worth the extra money I think 🙂

    Daniella x


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