Review: Dissent – Renegades by R.J. Furness

IMG_20180922_154624_841Author: R.J. Furness

Genre: YA Fantasy

Published by: Union Publishing

Publication date: 01/11/17

Pages: 316

My rating: ★★★★★


Synopsis from Goodreads:

What would you sacrifice to protect your secret identity?

“Settle in for daring leads, vicious enemies, and an immersive world. Intriguing twists unfold a well-paced tale of survival and the age-old question, who can you trust?” Emily R. King – Author of The Hundredth Queen Series

The Great Freeze changed everything…

Centuries after an ice age that wiped out most of the human species, only three colonies are known to exist. Four years ago, the people of Scorr Tanta formed an alliance with those in Port Harmony. But not everyone agrees with ‘The Union’, and a group known as the ‘RENEGADES’ has started their own rebellious crusade.

As an apprentice orgo-keeper, Ellie’s only highlight is getting to ride the incredible animals that she cares for. But then, a chance skirmish at the market draws her closer to Haylee and her friends, and everything begins to change. Desperate to join them, Ellie has heard many tales about Haylee and her group of renowned warriors. What she doesn’t know, is how much danger follows them. Ellie is soon tugged into a much different world than she had first assumed…

A world built on dissent, and filled with secrets. A world that forces Ellie to decide where her true loyalties lie!

Renegades is the brilliant YA book set in the same world as the MG Orgo Runners series. Before I start on my review, can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome the Orgo are? I’m a sucker for a good fictional animal and they’re definitely right up there with my favourites (and not just because they’re adorable). We’re also introduced to the Balkutar, an intriguing ape-like animal. Although they’re not a central part of the story I did like them and thought they were a great addition.

Before this I had only read The First Run, which I loved, my review can be found here. Renegades gives readers the opportunity to explore new parts of this incredible world and it’s residents, its one that I can’t get enough of. I loved the strong sense of friendship and family, my favourite part though was the chapter with the Elrupe, I’m fascinated by them and I need to know more. The characters are well developed and the world building brilliantly written.
That twist around the 200 page mark, I had my suspicions about this character but I never saw that coming! The ending too, there’s so much to come judging by it and I’m so there for it! Once again I was left eager for more, I can’t wait to read both prequel and sequel. I know I said this in a previous review and stand by it, R.J. Furness is an underrated author, read them and see for yourself! I can’t recommend them enough. I know this isn’t the best review I’ve written, it’s so hard to put words together when you really love a book.

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13 thoughts on “Review: Dissent – Renegades by R.J. Furness”

  1. Isn’t it just the best feeling when you love a book so much all you can do is shriek how good it was? I haven’t read anything by R J Furness but I’ll have to check his books out 🙂

    Daniella x

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