Review: Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks by Katie & Kevin Tsang


IMG_20180718_163718_812.jpgAuthor: Katie & Kevin Tsang

Genre: MG Contemporary

Published by: Egmont

Publication date: 28/06/2018

Pages: 224

My rating: ★★★★★

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Brilliantly funny new young series about the bravest scaredy-cat in the world Sam Wu is NOT a scaredy-cat (except when he is). And when a shark TOTALLY tries to eat him at the local aquarium, he decides he’s not going to take any more chances. So at his friend’s birthday party at the beach, Sam refuses to dip even a toe in the water. Nothing could go wrong now, could it?

This is just going to be a short review as the book is short and I don’t want to spoil anything for you. Sam, Zoe and Bernard are back for another hilarious adventure in Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks. This time they’re off on a school trip to the local aquarium. After a shark tried to eat him, Sam is taking no chances, deciding to stay firmly on land. When the three of them are invited to Ralph’s and Regina’s beach birthday party, Sam has to not only prove to everyone that he’s definitely NOT Afraid of sharks, he also has to get creative with finding ways to avoid going to the party, using knowledge from his all-time favourite TV show Space Blasters! (Which I wish was a real show as it sounds epic!)

Now it’s time for my usual Butterbutt, Lucy and Na-Na appreciation. I love them so much, they add that extra bit of love and humour to the story. I love how strong willed Lucy is, she doesn’t let anyone tell her what to do. Full of stunning illustrations by the talented Nathan Reed, Sam Wu is a hilarious story about friendship, geeking out and facing fears. This is the perfect summer read for anyone and everyone, I can’t recommend it enough! If you haven’t read about Sam’s first adventure in Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Ghosts, definitely read that one too! You can find my review here.

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7 thoughts on “Review: Sam Wu is NOT Afraid of Sharks by Katie & Kevin Tsang”

  1. Oh how cute is this?! I’m going to have to pass this on to my friends with kids at this target age. I see this being so big with reluctant readers!


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