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Blog tour: Floored: Five Thoughts While Reading…

Today is my stop on the Floored blog tour. I have worked with RachelFayeCoraRosieJane and Arianne to bring you creative and collaborative posts to celebrate the publication of Floored: A Collaborative Novel. we were given seven first lines to choose from as starting prompts. So I decided to share five thoughts I had while reading my chosen chapter, from Dawson’s pov.

I realise I’m staring at the arse of the guy in front of me roughly seven seconds before he does, but that’s all the time I need for several thoughts to run through my mind.

Five thoughts while reading…

  1. I like this guy already
  2. I’m never going to think of Pandora’s Box in the same light again… I love this analogy though!
  3. I think this all the time, why are we all convinced people can hear our thoughts?? I blame Edward.
  4. I really hate listicles. why do they even exist?
  5. I have a feeling “Skunk Girl” is going to stick.


I hope you enjoyed this. Yes, Skunk Girl did stick. I couldn’t help it, maybe it would have been different if I had known her real name first. Please check out the other stops on the tour. Their posts are brilliant and creatve! Don’t forget there are other groups on this tour so check those out too.

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