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Event: Hot Key Books Fantasy Feast with Holly Black, Alexandra Cristo and Sebastien De Castell

IMG_20180321_100522-1.jpgAs some of you know I was invited to the Hot Key Books Fantasy Feast, in Brunswick House’s Saloon Room. As a huge fan of Holly and Sebastien, and having recently read Alexandra’s brilliant To Kill A Kingdom I was beyond excited to be invited and hang out with some of my favourite authors.

IMG_20180321_221143_229.jpgI met up with the lovely Layla on the way and Olivia when we arrived. When we arrived we chatted with other bloggers who came early, we were given a tequila based cocktail with pomegranate seeds and mint (I think) on top.

We then sat down for the feast and Holly, Sebastien and Alexandra introduced themselves and briefly talked about their books.. This is probably where I should tell you what the starter and main course was, the menus only had the meat option on it so I had no idea what the vegetarian option was. I can confirm it was delicious though. During the starter I got to sit with Alexandra Christo, she was so lovely, friendly and it was great to chat to her. I was really nervous as I wasn’t sat with anyone I knew, though everyone was really friendly.


img_20180330_220839_921.jpgAfter the main course Holly came over to our table to chat and sign our books, she had to leave early as she had a flight to Dublin for the next stop on her tour. Holly was also kind enough to pose for a photo, which came out really nice with the clock in the background, I still can’t believe I got to hang out with her. I can’t wait to read The Wicked King and find out what happens next in Faerie, there was a sampler in our goodie bags to tide us over.

IMG_20180321_170413_796.jpgAfter the feast there was cupcakes and we got the chance to meet Sebastien and chat properly while getting our books signed (and embossed!). I was so nervous. I’m huge fan of his books and didn’t know what to say, especially when he told me he knew my blog. We had a nice chat about reviews and our dislike of writing negative reviews. It was a privilege to meet him. if you haven’t read his books, I can’t recommend them enough.


Huge thanks to Layla for taking these two photos, both have been used with permission.

Hot Key Books outdid themselves with the goody bags, I was beyond excited when I saw early finished copies of Charmcaster inside. They also put copies of Spellslinger, Shadowblack, The Cruel Prince and To Kill A Kingdom along with Spellslinger and The Cruel Prince goodies.


I had a wonderful time, thank you Tina at Hot Key Books for inviting me and Sebastien, Holly, Alexandra and all at Hot Key Books for fabulous day of bookish fun!

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