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Event: Chaos Walking fan event

img_20180306_212526_540.jpgAnyone who knows me will know how much I love Patrick Ness’ books, so when the event was announced I rushed to get a ticket. March 5th I went along to the the Chaos Walking fan event in Waterstones Piccadilly to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the epic trilogy. There was an immersive noise experience which was awesome! This was created by the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, especially for the event. I adore the new anniversary editions with black sprayed edges, look at them!

img_20180306_205440_426.jpgFor the first hour or so after doors opened you could buy books, chat and go into the noise experience room. It was awesome, though I would hate to live in Prentisstown. The noise experience fed off tweets posted using the Chaos Walking hashtag during the event. If you bought a copy of one of the anniversary editions you got a free Chaos Walking t-shirt, which I love.

wp-image-867753141jpg.jpgAfterwards we all sat down to listen to Patrick talk about this epic trilogy and a little about his upcoming book And The Ocean Was Our Sky The event was chaired by Katherine Woodfine. At the end of the talk there was time for people to ask questions. It’s always a privilege listening to him talk. There was an envelope on everyone’s seat with a Chaos Walking print and badges inside.

After the talk there was time to check out the immersive noise experience, if you hadn’t already, chat to people and get books signed. Patrick kindly signed my print as well so I can frame it. I had an awesome time and was one of my favourite events I’ve been to.


I hope you enjoyed my quick write-up of the event, sorry it took so long to post. If you haven’t read this trilogy yet, you really should! It’s just incredible. If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the comments.


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