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Why I quit my Goodreads reading challenge

The Goodreads reading challenge is something I’ve done for the past four-five years and is something I have always looked forward to starting. I love a good challenge, especially when it involves books. Recently I’ve found it a real slog, I also noticed it was hindering my enjoyment of reading. I’m currently three books behind schedule, we’re only in March!

For awhile I thought it was something that would settle down once I’d adjusted to book blogging. This was obviously not the case. After giving it some thought, I decided to quit. I want to read for pure enjoyment, rather than constantly worrying about reading enough to stay on schedule. I felt so much better and lighter after clicking the button to leave it. Like a huge weight had been taken off me.

It doesn’t matter how many books you read, it’s not a race. If you’re not enjoying it, what’s the point? I just want to read because I enjoy it and love spreading the bookish love and magic. I want to feel that anticipation and excitement when I open a book. I hope you continue to enjoy what I post and stick around, I have some great ones coming up.


8 thoughts on “Why I quit my Goodreads reading challenge”

  1. To be honest you don’t have to explain why you quit your challenge, because you have the right to just quit. However, I participate in this challenge since 2017 and I tend to set my goal low. Last year I started on 35 books and I finished it in July. I didn’t know you were able to edit your challenge, so I left it end ended up reading the double amount of my challenge. This year is a different story. Since I’m stuck at home full time (still job hunting), I set my goal a little higher, 50 books. I didn’t know when I would find a job of course. However, I’ve already read over 20 books in February, so it was time to edit my challenge (yes, now I know how). I edited it to 75 books, but I’m afraid I have to edit it again since I’m already on book #44. Whoops! I barely take notice of my challenge, I read when and whatever I like. I check my challenge every once in a while and that’s how I found out I’m waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy ahead of schedule. But different things work for different people of course. I hope you keep enjoying reading!


  2. I’ve been doing it for a few years now and I think this year will be my last. I want to get to a hundred books and I am well ahead of schedule on that but if I manage it, I am going to take a step back. I am the sort of person who will not back down until something is finished and I feel that, at the moment, I am reading too obsessively and, although I am enjoying the books I am reading, I feel like I am reading more to complete the challenge than just to enjoy reading.


  3. I totally get why people set reading challenges (I set one too), but honestly I think it can take the fun out of reading some times. Reading is an escape, and sometimes having a goal set can make it feel more like a job (which is one of the reasons I hate required reading!)


  4. I set my goal at the highest this year, though I haven’t met a goal in a long time, in reading more now. I agree that reading should be enjoyment. Seeing that we are behind schedule can be stressful. Great post


  5. This is why I now set my goals super low and adjust as needed. Last year I set my goal to 30 and then I would increase it by 5 every time I got close to completing it. I ended the year at 83 books and no stress. I’m doing the exact same thing this year.


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