Review: The Christmasaurus Musical Edition by Tom Fletcher

50FB4795-0587-4B9A-9C7A-FCE0BBF9D589Synopsis from Goodreads:

Read and sing-along to Tom Fletcher’s BESTSELLING magical tale this Christmas . . . Now an upcoming stage production.

*Includes exclusive CD with 14 new songs by Tom Fletcher*

They sang and danced a merry celebration with their new dinosaur friend . . . It was a Christmas Eve that none of them would ever forget.

The Christmasaurus is a story about a boy named William Trundle and a dinosaur, the Christmasaurus. It’s about how they meet one Christmas Eve and have an extraordinary adventure. It’s about friendship and family, sleigh bells and Santa, singing elves and flying reindeer, music and magic. It’s about discovering your heart’s true desire, and learning that the impossible might just be possible . . .

The Christmasaurus: The Musical Edition includes 14 songs on CD, all written and performed by Tom Fletcher, accompanied by a full orchestra with performances by Giovanna Fletcher, Carrie Hope-Fletcher and Santa Claus! And listen out for newcomer Max Reader singing ‘Someone More Than Me’ and Harry Judd on drums in ‘Afraid of Heights’.

Throughout the book you’ll find prompts telling you which track to listen to as you read the story, and at the back are all the lyrics, so you can sing along, too!

My rating:


This is just going to be a short review, I do want to spoil it and there’s still time to grab a copy to read before Christmas. I absolutely loved this book! Elves that eat crumpets and a dinosaur that eats mince pies and lives with Santa, what’s not to love? The story follows William Trundle and the Christmasaurus in the run up to Christmas Eve, when they meet and become friends. William is lonely, after new girl Beverley arrives and becomes the school bully no one wants to be friends with him. Over on the North Pole, the Christmasaurus is also lonely. He’s the only dinosaur left and doesn’t have anyone who is like him. When Will and the Christmasaurus meet, an adventure full of fun and danger await them with The Hunter on the prowl.

Have I mentioned I love it? I love how Tom has taken an abundance of bizarre, implausible aspects and made them utterly believable. I’m sure I’m not the only one waiting and hoping for a dinosaur to turn up in my living room on Christmas Eve. I really enjoy Tom’s writing style and the world building are brilliantly crafted. More than anything I love the character development and pure magic within the pages, also, that we get to go to the North Pole and hang out with Santa’s littleness helpers. There was more to everyone that meets the eye and different sides of them come out as the story progresses.

The Christmasaurus is hilarious, warm-hearted and festive in equal measure. I found myself both laughing and crying throughout. It’s stories like this that highlight how enjoyable children’s books are for people of all ages. the accompanying soundtrack really enhances the experience. The book and CD can be enjoyed on their own, though I feel you get more out of the story if you put them together for the ultimate Christmassy experience. The lyric can be found at the back of the book so you can sing-along while you read. I know this is going to be an annual Christmas read.

Published by: Penguin Books Ltd.

Published on: 16/11/17

Pages: 448

Buy from: Waterstones

19 thoughts on “Review: The Christmasaurus Musical Edition by Tom Fletcher”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this! Did a dinosaur make an appearance this Christmas? I might add this to my Christmas tbr for next year… I do like crumpets and mince pies and bizarre creatures and Christmas…. lovely review! X


  2. I love that this comes with a soundtrack! I’m a huge Tom Fletcher (and McFly) fan but I haven’t gotten around to reading his newest releases. I read The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas but that’s all so I really need to get to the newer ones. This one sounds particularly fun! Loved reading your review 🙂


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