Twelve Days of Christmas: Mini review – Santa Claude by Alex T Smith

0594C842-D02B-43EF-9E6E-A8F68B71AF12I’ll admit I’ve never read a Claude book before. After reading Grave Matter, which Alex illustrated I was eager to read some that he had also written. I picked this one up as it came highly recommended, and perfect for this time of year. Santa Claude is a delightful and hilarious story about Claude the dog, who lives on Waggy Avenue with his best friend Sir Bobblysock, (who is a firm favourite of mine!) and Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes.

My rating:


Set on Christmas Eve, while Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes are off out to a Christmas party. Just as Claude and Sir Bobblysock are about to settle down with a good book, Claude hears footsteps. Thinking it’s an intruder, Claude pounces on them and handcuffs them to a chair. Little does he know that he’s just arrested Santa Clause himself. Claude then realised he does have the key to the handcuffs, Claude and Sir Bobblysock help Santa by delivering the presents.

I loved every page of this book, it’s such a fun read and our puppy Jasmine definitely enjoyed herself! Santa Claude is the perfect Christmas read for adults, kids and canines alike.

Published by: Hodder Children’s Books

Published: 05/10/17

Pages: 96

Buy from: Waterstones Book Depository

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