Event: Song and signing with Tom Fletcher


As a McFly and Pooping Dinosaur fan, I knew I HAD to go when this was announced and snapped up a song and signing ticket straight away. I then spent the next few weeks trying to contain my excitement… I completely failed at this.

Last Saturday I went along to Waterstones Piccadilly to meet Tom Fletcher, author of The Creakers and The Christmasaurus. I was the first person to arrive, I was that excited! A song and signing ticket gave you early access to the event and, even better, indoor queuing as Tom would be singing a couple of songs from The Christmasaurus for us before signing books. The first song Tom sang was ‘Ho Ho Hope its Santa’ and is Santa’s favourite song according to Tom as “it’s about him”. The second song Tom sang was ‘Afraid of Heights’ which is one of my favourites from the soundtrack.


After the performance, Tom moved over to the signing table so he could sign our books. We were allowed to have two books signed, The Christmasaurus Musical Edition and one other of our choice. I took my copy of The Creakers along as well. When it was your turn to meet Tom there was someone waiting to take your phone if you wanted photos, the lovely lady took a couple while I was talking to him and a couple of posed photos. There was also another kind lady who held your bags for you so they didn’t ruin your photos. Tom is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. If you ever get the chance to go to one of his events, you should definitely go!



On my way out I was given a Christmasaurus tote bag with some goodies in by the lovely people from Warburtons, including a pack of two giant crumpets and pose with my bag and book for a photo which is part of their campaign. Anyone who knows me will know how much I LOVE crumpets! For those who don’t know, Warburtons sponsored the events and you can get an extra short story called ‘Crumpet Eve’ in the Tesco exclusive edition of The Christmasaurus in partnership with Warburtons.


I had a wonderful time! A massive thank you to Tom, Waterstones, Warburtons, Penguin Books and everyone who worked so hard to make it an enjoyable event!

8 thoughts on “Event: Song and signing with Tom Fletcher”

  1. EEEEEK! I’ve been so excited to read this post and I’m not going to lie, I’m so envious of you right now! Pooping dinosaurs for the win (group chat bants)!


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