Event: Big Little Lies pamper day

To celebrate the DVD release of Little Big Lies season 1, based on the best selling novel by Liane Moriarty, I was invited to a pamper day with other bloggers at House Curious in Wandsworth, hosted by Premier Comms and HBO UK.

Photo courtesy of Juliana @ Premier Comms

We started off the day in the garden with a Yoga class, taught by Kathryn McCusker from KMYoga. I’d never done Yoga before so this was an interesting and fun experience, definitely something I never thought I would do.

We then moved downstairs to the cinema room to watch the first episode of Big Little Lies and bonus content on comfy sofas, I was glued to the screen from the start. Seriously just watch it! I can’t wait to read the book and finish watching the show, a binge watch is definitely in order. After watching the first episode we went back upstairs for a short talk on healthy eating and lunch from Ottolenghi. It was amazing, which is something coming from me. I would definitely recommend them! Wine from Organic Wine Club followed lunch. I’m not a massive wine drinker, though I thoroughly enjoyed the Pinot Grigio.InstagramCapture_305766fe-f965-408b-8cf4-86d6c19fe949

After lunch and wine tasting, I had a shellac  manicure done by a nail technician from Milk. I’ve only had a manicure once before, my nails have never looked better. She did a brilliant job and was really friendly.

I left with an amazing goodie bag, with the book, DVD, season 6 of Girls, Pineapple and Ginger chocolate (I’m intrigued by this combination) and exfoliating facial so I’m all set for a binge watch.InstagramCapture_1a83895a-9455-4ec8-9c45-00092a4735a8

I had a brilliant day, huge thanks to Premier Comms and HBO UK for putting on an amazing event.

Have you watched/read Big Little Lies? I would love to hear your thoughts, non-spoilery, of course!

Big Little Lies is out now on DVD and Blu-ray.


7 thoughts on “Event: Big Little Lies pamper day”

  1. Oooo I’ve always wanted to try yoga! Not sure how I feel about pineapple and ginger in a chocolate bar together, have you tasted it yet? Was it nice! I’ve not read/watched it but am intrigued! Sounds like a super fun event 😊


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