Event: Beauty and the Beast book blogger afternoon tea



To celebrate the release of Beauty and the Beast on DVD and BluRay I was invited to a screening of the movie followed by afternoon tea and book swap at Covent Garden Hotel for book blogger’s hosted by Premier Comms and Disney UK, this was my first blogger event so I was really excited about going.

We started off the morning by watching Beauty and the Beast in the hotel cinema, it was even better second time round, if you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for? It’s honestly the most beautiful movie.



After watching the movie we went through to the Fortune Room for afternoon tea and book swapping. The theme of the swap was strong female characters, just like Belle. I brought along my copies of ‘Everything, Everything’ and ‘See How They Lie’. I hope whoever picked them up enjoys them.

I met some lovely bloggers, Liv from thatfictionlife and Steph from alittlebutalot, do go and check out their fabulous blogs!



I couldn’t resist picking up a few books at the book swap, thank you to the lovely bloggers who left them!

Thank you Disney UK and Premier Comms for an awesome day, also, a huge thank you to Juliana who organised the event.

Beauty and the Beast is available to buy on DVD, BluRay and digital download now.



11 thoughts on “Event: Beauty and the Beast book blogger afternoon tea”

  1. That looks like it was so much fun!!! And the food looks so good!
    I still haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, but I really want to!


  2. I’m just drooling over all that food, to be honest. It looks so goooood, haha! I definitely need to rewatch the movie, though. I saw it with some colleagues on a Ladies Night Out but with all the giggling among them, I couldn’t enjoy it like I normally would.. :/


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